Ring Report – July 2012

President Bill Watson opened our July meeting with a short discussion of Ring business. We had to determine what to do with our $20 treasury (bank or credit union, savings or checking) and it was also decided to sponsor a morning meet-and-greet, featuring coffee and donuts, during the upcoming Abbott’s Get-Together. It would provide an introduction of the new Abbott/Watson Ring to the greater magic community.

With business quickly concluded, we moved on to the important stuff: Magic.

The suggested theme for the evening was sponge balls, and Preston Eakins started us off with a short (and experimental) color changing sponge ball move. It was delightful and showed a lot of promise.

Rick Fisher used the classic Square Sponge Ball to good effect on Todd McAuliffe, and then Randy Morris performed his handling of a Forgetful Freddie routine using props that had literally been in his closet for over twenty years. The audience enjoyed Randy’s set and decided it should be called, “Forgetful Freddie Comes Out of the Closet.”

Bill Watson demonstrated some sponge ball false transfers for layperson, Kristen Engster. Kristen’s son, Jayden, the Ring’s official Youth Coordinator, then performed a fascinating card trick he called “Four Good Men,” involving several King transpositions. Jayden also did a little sponge ball magic after the card trick.

Doug Gancer also graced us with a card trick, one where he found the 9 of hearts in a most unusual way. Brett Flikkema amazed everyone with a story-telling deck in the tradition of Sam The Bellhop using the Shadow Stack by Tom Crosbie. Brett has those false shuffles and cuts pretty well wired.

Ron Carnell performed a Cards Across routine, moving two thought-of cards from a card packet Kristen was sitting on to a similar packet hidden beneath the ponderous posterior of Bill Watson. Surprisingly, no one was harmed in the process.

Visiting Ring 89er Todd McAuliffe showed us a quick and quite amazing card trick that resulted in the entire deck reversing itself right before our eyes. Krag Ryal concluded the evening’s entertainment with his original handling of a sponge bunny routine.

The stage was closed, but the magic continued for well over an hour as smaller groups broke off for discussion and sessioning. July was another banner turnout for the Ring 386 monthly meeting. We’re really happy to see more youth finding time in their busy summer schedules to attend the meetings and strut their stuff for us old timers. It’s also great when the parents join us — so we have some laypeople to fool. Unlike our fellow magicians, they actually applaud the effect, instead of the method.

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