Ring Report – September 2012

Ring 386’s suggested theme for our September meeting was cards. And, for the first time ever, no one performed off-theme. Go figure. What is it with magicians and pasteboards?

After a suitable 45 or 50 seconds spent attending to necessary “business” issues, Richard Lansdale started off the evening’s entertainment with a delightful card trick. Krag Ryal, Bill Watson, Rick Fisher, and Ron Carnell also performed. The highlight of the evening was an intricate Wild Card effect by Frank Gayda, reminiscent of Tommy Wonder’s handling though ultimately very different. It was a true delight to watch.

After the performances, the members broke off into smaller groups for a little sessioning. Krag Ryal gave a mini-workshop in card forces, while Rick Lansdale continued to pester Bill Watson to show him the card trick Bill had performed at the August meeting. Originally a trick taught to Bill by his father, the legendary Monk Watson, four kings magically transformed into four aces, which were revealed to have blue backs that ultimately turned into red backs. “I could never figure out what happened to the blue backs,” Bill would quip, “So I quit doing the trick.” By the end of the evening, Rick pretty much had the trick nailed.

It was decided that the suggested theme for our October meeting would be (what else?) Halloween.

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