Summer Magic Shows in Colon

We’re all grateful to FAB Magic Company in Colon for hosting the monthly meetings for Ring 386. To show our appreciation (and because it’s a whole lot of fun) many of the Ring Members have volunteered to participate in FAB’s Summer Show Program. It’s a great way to repay Rick’s generosity, while getting some audience time to try out new tricks and routines.

Below is a calendar of upcoming show dates, with the name of each person volunteering for a specific date. If you see an open date and would like to volunteer, please post a note in the comments (or drop me an email) and I’ll add your name to the list. The shows run 30 minutes, but if you’d like to do just 10 or 15 minutes that’s fine, too. Just note that in your comment and we’ll put together a few performers, as necessary, to round out the show.

If you’re not performing on any given Saturday but happen to have a little free time on your hands, please stop by to show your support for the Ring Member who is performing that day. It’s always nice to fill the seats . . . and we all know what typically happens AFTER the show when a few magicians get together. 🙂

May 26 – Preston Eakins 30min
June 2 – Rick Fisher 30min
June 9 – Mike Moorian 30min
June 16 – Ron Carnell 30min
June 23 –
June 30 – Randy Morris 30min

July 7 –
July 14 –
July 21 –
July 28 –

Aug 4 –
Aug 11 –
Aug 18 –
Aug 25 –

Sep 1 –
Sep 8 –
Sep 15 –
Sep 22 –
Sep 29 –

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    • Hi, Rod!

      I’m not Rick, but the shows start at 12 Noon and run thirty minutes. If you follow the link in the post to Rick’s original announcement you should find all the information available.

      Hope that helps …

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