Ring Report – August 2013

In August the Abbott/Watson club of Colon met for the first time in their new digs, a “secret room” in the newly remodeled Five Star Pizza. The only entrance to the room is through a swinging bookcase. And no, I don’t think I’m giving anything away; it’s about the worst kept secret in Michigan. Many thanks to Carl Thornton for inviting us.

There was a lot of business to attend to in August, unusual for our club but unavoidable this time around.

For the past 44 years, Michigan Magic Day has been held each Spring and is typically hosted by one of the many magic clubs in our state. For example this year, 2013, the regional convention was hosted by Ring 36 in Flint, the year before by Ring 54 in Lansing. MMD is a very successful event every year, one that most magicians in our state look forward to attending. In 2014 our own Ring 386 and Ring 89 will host MMD as a co-venture.

Eric Sullivan, acting President of Ring 89, and Todd McAuliffe both drove up from Marshall to join us for the business portion of the meeting. Ron Carnell agreed to form a Convention Committee and was asked to Chair the Convention. The first step in a very long process, everyone agreed, would be to find a suitable venue. Eric was asked to check out a few possibilities in Marshall.

While MMD was the big topic of conversation during our business meeting, it wasn’t the only one. Last year, Ring 386 put on a 90 minute benefit show, Sharing the Magic, at the Colon High School to help raise money for the local food bank. We wanted to get an early start on our second annual benefit and it was decided to move the date from November to late October to avoid conflicts with the holiday season. Rick Fisher agreed to make arrangements with the school for our preferred dates.

Finally, with all business issues discussed, dissected, and dispatched, it was time to move on the Magic.

Jayden Engster opened the show with an interesting dollar bill penetration. He folded the borrowed dollar, covered part of it with a napkin, then proceeded to apparently puncture both with a pencil. Upon unfolding the bill, however, it was shown that no holes were to be seen.

Bill Watson rolled up a couple of napkins and entertained us for several minutes with an impromptu sponge ball routine. That prompted Rick Fisher to show us how to roll up a napkin until it was apparently compressed to about the size of a pea. A very small pea.

Frank Gayda opened with a lovely finger ring on stick routine with the help of Rick’s young granddaughter, Lilly. He would later get back up again and do a wonderful trick with four jumbo Queens and then close with a Mental Epic he claimed he’d had for several decades (and it still looked as good, and definitely worked as well, as when it was new.)

Ron Carnell performed his take on the vanishing Coke bottle and then showed the group some changes he’d made in a previously shown standup packet trick where four jokers are changed into four fives.

It was a long meeting for us, but a productive one and ultimately a very fun one.