Ring Report – June 2012

Ring 386 assembled on June 21 for our regularly scheduled meeting (third Thursday of the month), although it was, in fact, anything but a regular meeting.

Randy Vander Wal, the I.B.M. Territorial Vice President (TVP) for Michigan, presided over a ten minute ceremonial presentation of our club’s new I.B.M. charter and letter from International President, Vanni Pule.

With more than forty people present, the ceremony and meeting were unusually well attended. Many local Colonites, non-magicians all, came to show their support and a large handful of our friends from Ring 211 drove nearly a hundred miles to help us celebrate the momentous occasion. I thing they heard there was going to be free food.

After Randy’s charter presentation, Bill Watson immediately started the evening’s entertainment with a few finger flicking sleights of dubious (but extremely humorous) origin, followed by a delightful serenade on his ukulele.

Randy Vander Wal moved from a very proper, almost somber, Charter presentation to a raucous trick that was anything BUT somber. Calling Ring President Bill Watson and Vice President Preston Eakins to the stage, Randy proceeded to dress them in one outlandish costume item after another, turning them into “medicine men” so they could ring their bells, beat their cymbals, and dance around Raja the cobra in hopes of coaxing him out of his magical snake basket. It took a few attempts (and a lot of laughter), but finally Raja emerged with a previously selected card.

Much to Bill’s and Preston’s exhausted relief.

Jack Vander Wal performed a card trick, matching numbers printed on the back of every card with his and spectator’s predictions.

Ron Carnell did a three-coin production, following by a 3 Fly routine, and concluded by turning all the silver dollars into enough chocolate coins for everyone in the audience.

Young magician Brett Flikkema amazed everyone with a card routine he called Jeopardy, patterned after the answer-followed-by-question TV game of the same name.

Jayden Engster, the Ring’s official Youth Coordinator, performed “Are You Lying?” to enthused applause.

Even after the organized entertainment concluded, and for nearly two hours afterwards, there was magic being performed in nearly every corner of the room, for two people here, for five people over there, be it a quick session on Asher’s Aces or a new handling for Out of this World. Woofle Dust floated like dust motes throughout the room.

Ring 386 extends our sincere thanks to Randy Vander Wal for going out of his way to make the presentation a very special occasion, to Bill Watson for footing the grocery bill, to Carole Ryal for her meticulous attention to detail coordinating all of the festivities, and of course to all our muggle and magical friends for their much appreciated support.

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