Ring Report – September 2013

Our September Ring meeting was attended by President Bill Watson, Frank Gayda, Rick Lansdale, Ron Carnell and, sitting in for his first meeting, John Sterlini. Most arrived early for sandwiches and pizza at our new digs at Five Star Pizza. Our magicians are surprisingly good at making food disappear!

Bill called the meeting to order and we spent most of an hour discussing business. That’s a lot for our club, but with a Benefit Stage Show coming up in October and plans for Michigan Magic Day next year there was no shortage of issues to discuss. Ron passed out a detailed outline of the first few things that would need to be resolved for MMD and everyone present added their thoughts. Rick Lansdale agreed to investigate the possibility of hosting the event at a nearby casino.

With only five members present, the magic portion of the meeting went from our usual presentation style to more of a sessioning style. At the request of Rick Lansdale, Bill spent most of thirty minutes teaching everyone a trick he had originally learned from his father, the famous Monk Watson. Bill showed and counted four blue-backed Kings. Then, one at a time, the four Kings turned into four Aces. After which the blue-backed cards turned into red-backed cards. It’s a delightful effect, with a surprisingly simple handling.

Frank showed us a few tricks he’d been working on, including one with Astra gimmicks that led to a discussion on a number of different ways they could be used. Rick showed us a trick where the aces and court cards are shipwrecked on four islands, coming together in a number of different and interesting ways.

It was not a typical meeting but, ultimately, it turned out to be a good one. Our next meeting, in October, will be just a few days before our big benefit show at the high school, so we’ll be concentrating our magic on the stage effects we’ll be performing for the residents of Colon. When one works the Magic Capital of the World, expectations are always high.