Summer Magic Shows in Colon

We’re all grateful to FAB Magic Company in Colon for hosting the monthly meetings for Ring 386. To show our appreciation (and because it’s a whole lot of fun) many of the Ring Members have volunteered to participate in FAB’s Summer Show Program. It’s a great way to repay Rick’s generosity, while getting some audience time to try out new tricks and routines.

Below is a calendar of upcoming show dates, with the name of each person volunteering for a specific date. If you see an open date and would like to volunteer, please post a note in the comments (or drop me an email) and I’ll add your name to the list. The shows run 30 minutes, but if you’d like to do just 10 or 15 minutes that’s fine, too. Just note that in your comment and we’ll put together a few performers, as necessary, to round out the show.

If you’re not performing on any given Saturday but happen to have a little free time on your hands, please stop by to show your support for the Ring Member who is performing that day. It’s always nice to fill the seats . . . and we all know what typically happens AFTER the show when a few magicians get together. 🙂

May 26 – Preston Eakins 30min
June 2 – Rick Fisher 30min
June 9 – Mike Moorian 30min
June 16 – Ron Carnell 30min
June 23 –
June 30 – Randy Morris 30min

July 7 –
July 14 –
July 21 –
July 28 –

Aug 4 –
Aug 11 –
Aug 18 –
Aug 25 –

Sep 1 –
Sep 8 –
Sep 15 –
Sep 22 –
Sep 29 –

Ring Report – May 2012

The newly chartered Ring 386 assembled on May 17 for their regularly scheduled meeting (third Thursday of the month). We spent a few minutes discussing business issues, including the election of officers per I.B.M. prompting. Congratulations to Bill Watson, son of legendary Monk Watson and now the first elected President of the club that bears his name.

Having dispensed with necessary business, we quickly moved on to the Magic. The suggested theme for the night was rope.

Preston Eakins, a.k.a. Scoop, opened the evening’s entertainment by tying a knot in a length of rope and then removing it. Not untying it, mind you; he simply removed it and tossed it into the audience. Ron Davis followed with a finger ring on rope routine that culminated with the discovery of the seemingly disappeared ring appearing on Ron’s magic wand.

Hugh Frisbie, a Colon alumni visiting us from faraway San Diego, demonstrated the importance of character by stunning everyone with a relatively simple Stiff Rope routine that relied on Hugh’s character-driven patter for its impact. As a longtime clown performer, including three decades playing Ronald McDonald, Hugh knows how to entertain. We thoroughly enjoyed his contributions to the evening and hope to see him again in The Magic Capital of the World sometime soon.

Ron Carnell (that’s me) took the opportunity to perform a full twelve minute rope routine, asking Ring Members for suggestions on how to cut it back to eight minutes for an upcoming competition. Rick Lansdale showed us a very different cut and restored rope routine, and Bill Watson used a long, thick length of rope to demonstrate a series of sailor’s knots and how to tie them. Bill finished with a Dragon Knot and everyone had a good laugh as the volunteer found herself “dragon” the knot across the floor. Rick Fisher performed a routine using what once was called the 1-2-1 Rope Trick, a gimmicked rope once produced and sold by nearby Abbott’s.

Fourteen-year-old Jayden Engster deviated from the suggested theme (our themes are always just suggestions) and performed a series of very nice sponge ball moves. Jayden has only been practicing magic a few short months, but is taking to it like the proverbial duck to water. (Jayden was earlier elected to the position of Youth Coordinator for the Ring.) Krag Ryal also went off-theme to share an original card trick he recently put together based on a Marlo twist Krag discovered in a decades-old magazine. Krag handed a small box to an audience volunteer, then removed the four twos from the deck, only to insert them back into the deck upside down. The deck was ribbon spread, the upside down cards separated, and then the volunteer was asked to open the box. Inside the box, inside a small packet, the four removed twos were discovered. The upside down cards were turned over to reveal the four Aces — and the deck was immediately passed around for examination.

It was another great night of magic. The Abbott/Watson Club would also like to extend a special thank you to Kristen Engster, Jayden’s mom, both for bringing her son to each meeting and for her participation as our official layperson volunteer. Any Ring who doesn’t already have a volunteer whose face can still light up with surprise and amazement should immediately go out and hire one for their meetings. It’s people like Kristen who really put the fun into the magic.



Welcome to the Web site for the newly chartered I.B.M. Ring 386, headquartered in the Magic Capital of the World, Colon, Michigan. We’ve got a fun group of people and we look forward to some equally fun activities.


Our August meeting is just around the corner, the third Thursday of the month, on August 21. Usual place (Five Star Pizza), usual time (5pm for eats with friends, meeting at 6:30pm).

John Sterlini, our talent coordinator for the 3rd Annual “Sharing the Magic” benefit show coming up in October, will give us a progress report. We’ll also have a few flyers available for the show. If you’re interested in volunteering your time and talents to help Colon’s local food bank again this year, now is the time to step forward. We want to make this our best year yet!

No particular magic theme for August, so bring whatever you’ve been working on and share it with the club.

Club Dues $10

August is when the annual club dues for Ring 386 are collected. Please bring a ten spot to the meeting with you to give to our Treasurer.

Ring 386 Annual Dues $10

The annual dues run from our August meeting through until the next August meeting in the following year. It’s a relatively small amount and we’re kind of lazy, so we don’t even try to prorate it.

Current Ring 386 Members: Please Register as soon as you can (click the Login link to the right or use a link below) and then fill out your Profile as fully as you feel comfortable doing. And, please, try to keep the contact information current. This will be the “official” source everyone in the club can turn to for contact info.

Please note that many of the fields in your Profile are marked as “Member’s Eyes Only.” Only registered Ring Members will have access to these fields.

Upon successful registration, you will be a Subscriber and will NOT be able to immediately access the Ring Members page (in the top menu). That is by design, keeping our private information private. However, the system will send me an email to let me know someone has registered and, assuming you entered a name in your Profile that I recognize, I will quickly upgrade your status to full Ring Member.